Dear Siren, how to discover my Soul

as an independent land?

Re-horned individuality,

re-claimed independent territory 

Individuality needs to be not re-born 

but re-horned. Individuality is a territorial masterpiece.

Not-yet-occupied territory, 

not-yet-barcoded wings

Universalization is a new type of eclipse. 

Dictators come as a unicorn.

Barcoded genesis,  

single-Truth empire

Independence is luxury. 

Yet, independence is only for the brave.

Canceled fairytale, 

not-enough-perfected shoes

How much unconquered territory 

do you have in your Soul?

Limited-edition land, 

spiritual Haute Couture

Become your own light. One-of-a-kind. 

Unlike anyone else.

Independent territory, 

re-masterpieced address

Dragons always protect their independent lands. 

Dragons live under their own light.

More liberating territory, 

more daring wings

Put on your own crown, 

the future is an art of independence.

Re-horned individuality, 

territorial Truth-design

Exist as a unique theory of the Universe,  

unlike anyone else. 

Unique imperfection, 

Alchemical element of re-perfection

Freedom is not enough for Dragons;

they need complete independence. 

Forbidden creator,

underground innovator

Truth is a sport, 

and the winner takes it all.

Contradicting Gods, 

not-yet-understood Truth-design

Different Truths fight to re-vein 

the Orphic Egg.

Canceled Truth, 

not-enough-perfected revolving door

The promise of liberty may turn out to be the bait 

of captivity.

Not-yet-perceived philosophy, 

not-yet-discovered EXIT

The Dragon veins keep the essence of Infinity 

where the God of Alchemy is reborn and wine transformed.

Re-perfected Black Swan, 

unlike any other art scene

Dragons live under their own light. 

Dragons never stop until they’re done.

Independent horizon,

existential re-perfection

Individuality is an art to be one-of-a-kind. 

Individuality is independence in blossom.

Not-yet-expanded definition of freedom, 

not-yet-liberated new genesis

Re-discover your Soul 

through a new definition of a territory. 

Not-yet-designed personal Truth, 

not-yet-existing individual dogma