Dear Siren, dive deeper and deeper into my Soul 

to measure my depth. 

Not-yet-asked question,

not-yet-challenged veins

Do you have what it takes 

to follow the underground direction under your skin?

Abysmal Soul, 

not-yet-perceived depth

Infinity is an untamable equation.  

Infinity plays the game to its ever-expanding edge.

Not-yet-existing combination, 

not-yet-connected meaning

Fragment after fragment, your Soul moves as a conjunction.

Infinity loves the ever-expanding concepts of you.

Plutonian veins, 

insatiable need for more

Dragons love infinite horizons. 

Dragons love infinite paradigms.

More liberated thinking, 

more daring concepts of evolution

The Dragon knows how to soar further into your Soul, 

deep down into your Abyss; yet only the Siren senses its depth.

Re-discovered ancient God, 

re-emerged Temple