Dear Siren, it seems when you pour me wine, 

you pour Infinity itself.

At the edge of meaning, 

re-perfected Black Swan

Fragment after fragment, 

Infinity loves hypnotic theories not Truths.

Melting evolution, 

re-emerging prima materia

By expanding your concepts,

you expand your world.

Soul-transmuting mirror, 

abysmal reflection

Close your eyes and taste deeply your wine, and who knows… 

Maybe just for a moment you‘ll walk barefoot on Infinity.

Re-masterpieced Time, 

fragmented Alchemical paradigm

Humans want to know the meaning of life, 

but more than that, they want this life to have a deeper meaning…

Abysmal questions, 

forbidden wine

Enjoy the wine, don’t spill the night:

you need this Moment to escape Time.

Hypnotic fragments of existence, 

insatiable need for more