Dear Siren, in a physical body there lives a surreal Soul 

where an exotic spirit listens to its own primordial howl.

Not-yet-asked questions, 

not-yet-visible new Truth

Fragment after fragment, 

Infinity loves re-questioning Souls. 

Melting you,

re-emerging fragments of your new version

 A human mind is a hummingbird.  

What is the source of your nectar? 

Deeper and deeper questions, 

unauthorized blossom

Some concepts enchant your blood  

by turning your veins into pathways of Infinity.

Insatiable library, 

exotic concepts of Paradise

It takes brave thinking to sail to your own periphery, 

to see your boundaries, and break them through.

New concepts of existence, 

Soul-transmuting redemption

First, break free; then break through. 

Dragons love to fly at the expanding edge of your world.

Not-yet-perceived concept, 

not-yet-visible starlight

A Soul has a wild definition: 

ever-expanding, ever-creating, ever-abysmal.

Not-yet-perceived fragmentism,  

not-yet-discovered art scene