Dear Siren, somewhere under the Moon of Billion Flamingos, 

we'll take vows of our ever-emerging redemption.

Dogma-uncertified redemption, 

spiritual Haute Couture

Fragment after fragment, 

existence is fragmented creation.

Abstract art, 

unexplained re-construction

Sometimes it takes some wild mad question 

to experience resurrection.

New concepts of existence

transcendent wine

Abstract art loves to walk barefoot on your theories of existence, 

and mix all the colors on its way.

Chameleon winemaker

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

Walk the spiral of life, 

and discover the same story in a different light.

Forbidden future, 

underground version of myself 

The Dragon veins keep the essence of Infinity 

where the God of Alchemy is reborn and wine transformed.

No perfection, 

only re-perfection

Knock on the Turquoise door, 

hear the distant waterfall.     

Mythical Gods, 

not-yet-discovered starlight

Where the Siren goes, 

there becomes the land of the Dragon.

Abysmal wine,  


Enjoy the wine, don’t spill the night; 

enchant this Moment to re-masterpiece Time.

Existential re-perfection, 

tonight a completely different version

Explore deeper your hypnotic temptation  

to understand the sphere of your own gravitation.

Ever-insatiable library

ever-expanding dictionary