Dear Siren, somewhere I am approaching my own primordial land, 

yet, I am scared what I will eventually find.

Abysmal re-construction, 

existential re-perfection

Fragment after fragment, expand your concepts 

to expand your world.

More liberating territory

more daring theory

You won’t see the Moon of Billion Flamingos 

unless your mind has a concept of it.

Plutonian Labyrinth, 

ever-expanding concepts of creation

People think they know something about freedom and liberation, 

but true independence is a yet undiscovered taste.

Disturbing Merlin, 

untamable Margins

Great creators have courage to turn Hell into Paradise. 

Yet, the theory of Paradise is always in transition.

Fallen wings,  

re-masterpieced concepts of evolution

Re-truth your mirror, 

re-paradigm your Tomorrow.

More liberating Gods, 

more daring concepts of yourself

To be creator is to be a melting combination. 

To be a great creator is to be a unique conjunction. 

No perfection,

only re-perfection