Dear Siren, I know this feeling is a dark deep abyss, 

but I still want to be a falling Angel. 

Untamed soundtrack,

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

Fragment after fragment, your Soul is an Alchemical link 

between the meaningless and the deeply meaningful. 

Not-yet-perceived Infinity,  

not-yet-transmuted gold

When the sky is dark and the stars are bright,  

great creators always search for falling Angels.

In between the falling wings, 

new meanings under construction

Enchant this Moment 

to re-masterpiece Time.

Melting concept

re-emerging Temple

Enlightenment comes under the Sun of a single Truth, 

yet, under the Moon of multi-truth redemption.

Canceled question, 

not-enough-perfected answer

Look into the dark abysmal pupils of your eyes: 

your Soul is measured by depth.

Not-yet-redesigned worldview, 

not-yet-completed mask

Become an existential trailblazer, 

discover more daring concepts of yourself.

Melting road, 

re-emerging address