Dear Siren, re-masterpiece my worldview; 

I need to see the dark side of Nirvana.

Abysmal eyes,

multi-truth blossom

Merge the moment of Now with something 

that seduces your Tomorrow.

Re-enchanted night, 

re-masterpieced Time

To be an artist is to look deep down into the Abyss in Hell  

and hear a fluttering of billion flamingos.

Masterpiece-obsessed exhibition, 

re-perfected versions of Nirvana

In new fragments of existence you find more about yourself.  

In new fragments you re-discover yourself.

Existential re-perfection, 

your Soul as a conjunction

Art is a mythical beast: it takes out all your primal instincts 

to awaken your dormant myth.

Hypnotic Source, 

abysmal Force

The most rare existential spice is found at the boundary 

of Hell and Paradise. 

Sirenean painting, 

Dragon's obsession

Re-masterpiece your worldview 

through the melting concept of Infinity. 

Multi-truth road, 

primordial road signs

To have soaring Dragons inside, 

you have to turn into an ever-expanding universe.

New inspiration, 

current Truth-evacuation