Dear Siren, I keep falling deep down into my abyss 

turning myself into a question of genesis.

Not-yet-asked question

not-yet-discovered art scene

Fragment after fragment, walk barefoot on your dogma…

Ask unasked questions to revive your myth.

Enchanting concepts of existence, 

new understanding of blossom

Some creators re-emerge into existence 

as re-perfected Black Swans.

Untamed philosophy,

abysmal sunglasses

To be an Alchemist is an art to shine your own light. 

Only great creators enter the Dragon paradigm.

More daring definitions of freedom, 

re-emerging stairs

Travel to your very edge of your Soul 

to see the horizon of your very Core.

Falling Angel, 

hypnotic gravitation

Re-design your tomorrow. 

Humans are existential transformers.

Ever-combining re-construction, 

tomorrow’s redemption