Dear Siren, reach the disturbing depths of my Soul, 

deep down to the source of my primordial howl.

Abysmal exhibition, 

provocative wings

Fragment and fragment, try to step on the primordial territory

of your Soul. 

Melting concept

re-emerging land

To deepen the definition of your Soul 

you have to transmute the definition of art.

More liberating concepts of creation

more daring resurrection

Who are you? 

The concept of Infinity has an Abyss within.

Fallen Angel, 

abysmal poet

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection. 

Deeply-meaningful re-construction, 

art of exception 

Great creators always change the Theory of Everything.  

Infinity loves different versions of Truth-design.

Melting door

re-emerging new road

Fragment after fragment, explore uncharted territories of your Soul.

Deeper and deeper, every time deeper than before.

Silent mirror, 

not-yet-reborn reflection