Dear Siren, imprint a shining Alchemical tattoo on my dark Soul: 

I need a symbol for surreal re-construction.

Transmuted symbol, 

not-yet-perceived conjunction

Fragment after fragment, 

dare to expand the concept of your Soul.

Unseen transformation, 

melting combination

Every symbol is a door.

Some symbols let you walk barefoot on the beginning of meaning.

Soul-transmuting inspiration

provoking stairs

The Dragon awakens through all the symbols 

to turn passion into one's wine. 

Turquise door

red stairs

Discover new concepts to rediscover yourself.  

Some symbols let you express yourself infinitely in their force. 

Insatiable veins

resurrected Temple

Discover the primordial territory of your Soul, 

and dare to look at the forbidden blossom.

Re-designed Hell, 

extraordinary Paradise

Sometimes you have to turn your Soul into abstract art 

to translate who you are.

Underground artist, 

dogma-uncertified territory