Dear Siren, I am like a ghost in search of existential avant-garde.

To the North of my Soul. To the South of my existence.

In between the falling Wings, 

self-contradicting Truths

Fragment after fragment, 

discover different versions of Truth-design.

Alchemical transformation, 

not-yet-rubedo combination

Creation is a door to translate your Soul 

and discover more about your primordial origin.

New concepts of creation

re-veined Orphic Egg

Discover new concepts to re-discover yourself. 

Sometimes self-discovery comes only as self-innovation. 

Melting dogma, 

existential re-perfection

Infinity loves different hypnotic Truths

not a single version.

Canceled genius, 

not-enough-perfected Truth-design

Dare to get lost in the Plutonian Labyrinth, 

break your inner boundaries.

Never-to-be-tamed Soul, 

wild direction