Dear Siren, dive deep down into my abysmal eyes, 

into the dark depths of different truths.

New concepts of existence, 

ever-transforming philosophy

This fragment is a melting intersection

and yet, your re-emerging new connection.

Fragmented reality consumption, 

ever-evolving art of attention

Fragment after fragment, 

the Truth is always in transformation.

Haunting Labyrinth, 

unexplained continuation

Truth is a sport, and the winner takes it all. 

The upcoming Truth is under construction.

Not-yet-fully-developed global empire, 

not-yet-fully-transformed universal vampire 

Theories love their shining glamour 

and fear contradictory unpredictable Black Swans.

Melting different Truths, 

re-emerging masterpiece

Dare to get lost in the Plutonian Labyrinth, 

travel to the beginning of meaning.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard, 

ever-transforming theory of Paradise