Dear Siren, your land has something of obsession

and something of billion flamingos…

Chameleon winemaker, 

ever-transforming versions of Truths

Merge this fragment of Now with something 

that re-enchants your connection to Time.

Unique conjunction

re-masterpieced worldview

Fragment after fragment, 

this moment is a not-yet-discovered art.

Melting poetry

re-emerging new land

Re-vein the moment of Now, 

re-deepen your wine.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard

re-possessed night

Abstract art loves it wild. 

Abstract art loves exotic definitions of existence.

Mystical art of combination

re-perfected Black Swan

Sometimes only abstract art reflects the territory

of your Soul.

Silent artist, 

not-yet-understood blossom

Look deep down into your abysmal eyes, 

connect the fragments of your own Myth.

Re-possessed abstract art,

re-exorcised Truths