Dear Siren, stop this fragment; 

this moment is a Chameleon.

Not-yet-designed concept

not-yet-transmuted current Truth

Fragment after fragment, turn your Soul  

into a transcending work of art.

Plutonian Labyrinth,  

ever-abysmal direction

Existence is a fragmented dimension. 

Our reality is fragmented existential consumption.

Re-emerging mirror, 

melting reflection

If you live next to a fountain, 

then your existence has more fragments of fountains.

Enchanting fragments of existence, 

re-emerging masterpiece

To see magic, 

become magical.

Melting concept

re-emerging work of art

This moment is a fragment of eternity.

Unlike anything else.

Canceled horizon, 

not-enough-perfected dreamers

Discover new concepts to rediscover yourself.   

Some ideas are existential luxury.

Not-yet-reborn Gods, 

not-yet-existing tomorrow