Dear Siren, can a byproduct of an Alchemical reaction 

supersede its creator?

Eternal transformation, 

re-questioning self-innovation

Fragment after fragment, your Soul is an Alchemical link  

between the meaningless and the deeply meaningful.

Melting intersection, 

re-emerging connection

Great creators exist as wild combinations 

under Alchemical transmutation.

Independent Truth-design, 

re-masterpieced art scene

You won’t see the Moon of Billion Flamingos  

unless your mind has a concept of it.

New meaning under construction, 

existential re-perfection 

Infinity keeps on inventing a new understanding 

of the Alchemical Gold.

Alchemical art,  

not-yet-transmuted Truth

Theories love their shining glamour 

and fear contradictory, unpredictable Black Swans.

Canceled new Truth, 

not-enough-perfected Truth traffic-lights

The concept of power entails 

the concept to overpower.

More daring definitions of freedom, 

forbidden Haute Couture

Remove your Earthly timeline by taking the power 

from the concept of Youth.

Transmuted imagination,

new definition of genesis

Sometimes the most magnificent beauty is created by a wild beast  

who dared to turn oneself into a great Alchemist. 

Melting dogma, 

re-emerging new Truths

Infinity is wildly exotic 

and deeply hypnotic.

Hypnotic Truths of existence, 

re-emerging need for more