Dear Siren, dive deep down into my Soul 

to measure my depth.

Talismanist Giebra has developed the philosophy of Fragmentism by claiming that humans experience their existence as a fragmented dimension through our fragmented attention. Our life with all its moments is a fragmented art. Our thinking with all its thoughts and ideas is a fragmented art. Fragment after fragment, life is an art of combination. Therefore, the uniqueness of our life depends on the uniqueness of our fragments. According to Giebra's philosophical approach, the philosophy of Fragmentism is a way of reality perception and an existential art of re-perfection. The key question is "What fragments do you seek to add into your existence?" To be a great creator is to an artist of existence itself. 

Fragment after fragment, 

re-masterpiece your Time. 

No perfection, 

only re-perfection 

The Philosophy of Fragmentism is written as a fragmented conversation between the Artist and the Siren who tells the secrets of how to become a great creator, unlike anyone else. Talismanist Giebra created a new approach to writing where her insights are followed by incompletely-written insights called ‘the falling wings’ to provoke readers to think deeper about their interconnection. Are you ready to dive into the depths of different truths and get enlightened in contradiction?

True creators have desperate obsession to walk on Infinity, 

that’s why they will create anything to step on eternity.

In between the falling wings,

Alchemical blood type

In order to create an inspiring background for creators, artists, innovators and existential seekers, the book was turned into a video version as a PHILOSOPHICAL AQUARIUM. Stream it on any screen, TV or projector. Once you leave it as your background (as your personal Philosophical Aquarium), discover the fragments at ramdom from time to time. Discover new concepts to re-discover yourself. Fragment after fragment, your mind will combine and re-combine new insights.

To be a creator is to be a melting combination. 

To be a great creator is to be a unique conjunction. 

New concepts of existence, 

different versions of Truth-design

Talismanist Giebra's key statement is "No perfection, only re-perfection". Fragment after fragment, turn your Soul into a transcending work of art. The Philosophy of Fragmentism craves to be explored as an Abyss so that you can dive deeper and deeper. And every time deeper than before. Soul is measured by depth. Someone is born to be re-born at

The essence of freedom is to be creatively unstoppable. 

To be a creator is to be a melting concept of Infinity itself.

Not-yet-understood story of yourself, 

not-yet-discovered art scene