Dear Siren, turn my Soul into a work of art,

into an ever-expanding theory of Infinity.

Alchemical transformation, 

not-yet-rubedo combination

Fragment after fragment, now is a fragmented flow. 

Now is a fragmented zone.

Not-yet-emerged fragments of existence, 

not-yet-understood re-construction

Great creators are an ever-expanding definition 

of freedom.

Provoking Gods, 

unlike any other evolution

Remember, the definition of freedom is always in transition. 

Fragment after fragment.

Melting mask,

untamable worldview

It takes a genius to turn some concepts  

into a telescope.

Freedom-obsessed thinking, 

surreal masterpiece

Transmute the definition of existence. 

The Dragon is a not-yet-discovered symbol.

Transmuted symbol

new understanding of the Philosopher's Stone