Dear Siren, I need a jewel that reflects

the starlight of my own Universe.

Multi-truth eyes

future blossom

You won’t see the Moon of Billion Flamingos  

unless your mind has a concept of it.

Ever-expanding library,

Alchemical stairs

The more mystical concepts penetrate your blood, 

the more symbols reveal themselves.

Hypnotic starlight, 

re-born winemakers

The power of a thing resides in its origin. 

Some symbols are ancient barcodes of the Gods.

Re-discovered ancient God, 

re-emerged territory

Desire is a force of existence. 

Desire is a force seducing us into existence.

Passionate conjunction

hypnotic re-invention

Become an existential trailblazer, 

step on yet undiscovered lands of Self.

New concepts of creation

transmuting poetry

Save the whales 

and your Universe within.

Infinite concepts, 

Alchemical wings