Dear Siren, only through music I find the exotic version of my Chaos. 

Only through music I find my surreal EXIT.

Your Soul as a conjunction,

existential re-perfection

Fragment and fragment, 

become creative self-revelation.

Melting evolution, 

re-emerging prima materia

Great music re-veins existence 

into something extraordinary.

Silent artist,

inner rain

To be a great Artist is to be 

a great Alchemist.

Re-questioning creator,

abysmal confession

Great creators always put new meanings 

under construction.

Ancient Godly Truth-design, 

different versions of promised land

The essence of beauty is revelation and yet


In between the lines, 

Hic Sunt Dracones.

Great creators extract Infinity 

out of the horizon.

Never-ending journey of becoming, 

resurrection through exception