Dear Siren, I need something magnificent, something deeply significant,

something very rare, something one-of-a-kind. 

Re-masterpieced concepts, 

existential Haute Couture

Fragment after fragment, 

become an artist and a work of art.

Falling Angel, 

re-emerging passionate veins

Great creations re-vein existence. 

Great creators perfume tomorrow.

Transcendent redemption, 

fragmented re-construction

New concepts are unique interventions 

into reality.

In between the falling wings,  

art of distinction 

Infinity loves insatiable re-transformation. 

Infinity loves an unstoppable quest for new combinations.

No perfection, 

only re-perfection

I is an art.

Great creators search for more daring concepts of themselves.

Not-yet-expanded definition of freedom, 

not-yet-liberated art scene

Invention of airplanes is not about how far or quickly you fly. 

It’s about the feeling of Infinity when you fly. 

Exorcised salvation,

Infinity-obsessed self-innovation

Break free to break through,

re-masterpiece the button NEXT.

Provoking direction,

new concept of tomorrow

Inspiration turns some concepts  

into your spiritual perfume.

Unique intervention, 

exotic connection

To be a unique creator is to be a different version 

of Paradise.

Melting mask, 

re-emerging new worldview

Great creators get reborn  

an unpredictable, magnificent Black Swans. 

Not-yet-discovered conjunction

not-yet-emerged re-perfection

At the gates of eternity 

you are a transcending masterpiece.

Multi-truth evolution, 

existential Haute Couture

To be a great creator is to be a magnificent intervention

into reality.

Unforeseen innovation,

ever-expanding dictionary

A great creator is a seducer into existence. 

Great creators enchant.

Re-horned individuality, 

untamed soundtrack

Fragment and fragment,  

some concepts expand your Soul.

Alchemical mirror, 

not-yet-transmuted reflection


unlike anyone else.

In between the falling wings,

re-masterpieced concept of Paradise