Dear Siren, reach the disturbing depths of my Soul; 

I need to feel the abysmal version of myself.

Infinity-seduced artist,

transcending mirror

Is your mirror your predator? 

Is your mirror your prey? 

Transcendent re-construction,

existential re-perfection

Do you have what it takes 

to experience an abysmal contradiction under your skin?

Fallen Angel, 

unauthorized worldview

Who are you?  Do you have what it takes 

to push the boundary of this question?

Not-yet-perceived fragmentism, 

not-yet-empowered re-construction

Fragment after fragment, I is an art.

Through creation you experience primordial self-translation.

Ever-expanding exhibition, 

different roads to redemption

Re-masterpiece this night, 

re-deepen your wine.

Not-yet-discovered concepts, 

not-yet-reached depth

Best wines are for the ones 

who have re-questioning lips.

Abysmal re-construction, 

spiritual re-perfection

To be a great Artist is to be 

a falling Angel.

Melting evolution, 

re-emerging prima materia

To expand the definition of freedom 

you have to keep on setting something free…   

Global ideology, 

barcoded Temple

The road to yourself is the road 

to your infinite.

Future-oriented direction, 

primordial address

Great creators dare to expand the concept of their Soul.

Infinity loves more daring concepts of evolution.

New concepts of existence, 

traffic jam of Truths

Ask questions unasked before, 

discover the black market of different Truths.

Merlin Margins, 

not-yet-visible blossom

Infinity has infinite explanations that appear as Truths 

at some points in history.

No perfection, 

only re-perfection

Infinity loves enlightening Moments 

but not the theory of Time.

Melting intersection, 

re-emerging connection

It takes a genius to dive into the depths of different Truths

and get enlightened in contradiction.

Multi-truth evolution, 

existential Haute Couture

Infinity loves ever-expanding theories. 

Infinity loves new concepts of genesis.

Re-emerging Truth-laboratory, 

re-perfected Black Swan

Only great creators press NEXT

even if there is no such option.

Unauthorized future,

new concept of continuity

The essence of freedom is to be creatively unstoppable. 

To be a creator is to be a melting concept of Infinity itself.

Falling Angel, 

abysmal masterpiece

Set your Dragon free, 

turn Infinity into your existential horizon.

Infinite concepts, 

Alchemical expedition

Ask questions unasked before,  

dare to enter unknown paradigms.

New concepts of existence,  

re-designed Truth-satellite