Dear Siren, dive deeper and deeper into my veins,

 every time deeper than before.

Not-yet-discovered concepts, 

not-yet-reached depth

Fragment and fragment, 

existence has an ever-expanding meaning…

Ever-melting Truths, 

ever-transforming wine

Humans look for the meaning of existence, yet more than that, 

they crave that their existence has a deeper meaning.

Fallen Angel, 

abysmal Soul

Re-perfume your time, 

re-deepen your wine.

In between the falling wings, 

ever-questioning veins

The God of Alchemy drinks Bythian wine from the Pythian Grail 

marked by the symbol of the Eternal Return.

Wild in liberation,

wilder in obsession

Become ever-expanding creation, ever-enchanting combination,

ever-abysmal transformation. Deeper and deeper than before.

New concepts of existence, 

not-yet-discovered art scene