Dear Siren, I keep falling deep down into my dark abyss… 

At some point my abyss may turn into a horizon.

Melting symbols, 

re-emerging Gods

Fragment after fragment, discover new shores of Self 

under the symbol of the Eternal Return. 

Not-yet understood Merlin, 

not-yet-perceived Margins

Some existential questions are like Sirens

who keep re-emerging into your Soul to haunt you for eternity.

Hypnotic concepts, 

insatiable veins

Explore deeper your hypnotic temptation 

to understand the sphere of your own gravitation.

Soul-transmuting redemption, 

abysmal re-construction 

Sometimes beauty reveals the Truth; 

sometimes beauty conceals the Truth.

Ever-insatiable eyes,


Once you get hypnotized by the Siren, there is no salvation: 

you get enchanted with your own hypnotic destination.

Wild in liberation, 

wilder in obsession