Dear Siren re-masterpiece my worldview, let me experience

multi-truth reality. Hypnotic horoscopes never lie.

Barefoot on Infinity

Wine-reborn bloodline 

Fragment after fragment,

search for unique combinations.

New fragments of existence

new understanding of a black market

The Alchemical path to your very Core is only for the ones  

who dare to see falling Angels in themselves.

Primordial territory of your Soul, 

re-emerging new Truths

Great creators dare to dive into the dark depths 

of different Truths.

Unforeseen innovation, 

more daring concept of existential spice

Abstract art loves to translate your Soul. 

Sometimes only abstract art is an Alchemical mirror of your Soul. 

Not-yet-asked question,

not-yet-visible reflection

Ask questions unasked before, 

push the boundary of your mirror.

Eternal transformation, 

re-questioning self-innovation