Dear Siren, I need a jewel that reflects the twilight 

at the edge of my Soul. 

Silent Merlin, 

not-yet-emerged Margins

Fragment after fragment, dare to translate your Soul 

into something extraordinary.

New concepts of creation, 

new understanding of blossom

Some jewels are so extraordinary 

that they conceal all the ordinary.

Hypnotic concepts of existence, 

unlike any other horizon

Luxury is more than a rare precious jewel. 

Luxury is a hypnotic ghost of its origin. 

Edge of meaning,  

re-perfected Black Swan

Some people are like unique spice. Once you taste them, 

everything else tastes blank.

Unique intervention, 

exotic connection

Look into the abysmal pupils of your eyes: 

Infinity loves exotic destinations.

Silent artist, 

not-yet-understood inner eclipse

Sometimes Alchemy is transmutation of different combinations 

into existential inspirations.

Wine-reborn God, 

obsession-veined eternity

Some jewels let you dive 

into the eternal meaning of time.

At this very moment somewhere, 

unauthorized blossom

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection.

Abysmal wine,


Perfume this Moment 

to enchant Time.

Re-enchanted Gods, 

re-veined territory