Dear Siren, which truth is the most truthful? 

The most hypnotic one. 

Dark concept, 

even darker its re-perfection

Fragment after fragment, our history depends on 

different fragments of discovery and interpretations of ‘the Truth’.

Not-yet-perceived Truth, 

not-yet-visible Truth-supplier

Physics is a dream-catcher

collecting different fragments to tell you the Theory of Everything.

Universal dream, 

global single-Truth satellite

People search for the great Truths of the Universe, 

but every Truth is just the most hypnotic version of possibility.

Re-designed directions of the Labyrinth, 

new versions of dogma

Our life consists of fragments, 

and every fragment holds its current Truth.

Melting dogma,

existential re-perfection

Truth is a conventional conviction. 

Truth is the most hypnotic version of possibility.

Re-designed Truth, 

new version of a revolving door

Infinity has infinite explanations that appear as Truths 

at some points in history.

Not-yet-emerged fragments of existence, 

not-yet-understood Truth-laundering

Only great creators walk truth-claiming lands 

and drink re-questioning wine.

Escaping the barcoded empire, 

transforming the single-truth vampire