Dear Siren, I need to find 

the black market of redemption.

Not-yet-asked question, 

not-yet-discovered territory

Fragment after fragment, enter the silent exhibition 

with abysmal eyes.

Multi-truth mirror, 

primordial reflection

Infinity is an untamable equation.  

Infinity plays the game to its ever-expanding edge.

Future-friendly artist, 

vampire eyes

Once a particular theory is born, its contradiction is also born.  

The Theory of Everything is an unpredictable Black Swan.

Plutonian Labyrinth, 

ever-transforming exhibition

Infinity reveals its ever-evolving exotic masks 

just to conceal its primordial face.

Ancient Godly mirrors, 

different fragments of Alchemical genesis

It takes a genius to dive into the depths of different Truths

and get enlightened in contradiction.

Not-yet-discovered concepts, 

not-yet-reached depth

Infinity knows that the Theory of Everything is a theory of seduction.  

Sometimes to hunt somebody, you have to pretend being a prey.

Unique imperfection, 

Alchemical element of re-perfection

Great creators exist as contradictions to different Truths 

as they continuously transmute the definition of existence itself.

Ancient Godly Truth-design, 

different versions of promised land

Infinity loves more daring concepts of you.

Infinity loves your abysmal reflection.

Ever-insatiable creator,

unstoppable innovator

Legends never follow the mainstream flow. 

Legends are born to be reborn against the flow.

Not-yet-occupied territory, 

not-yet-barcoded flag

To be a great creator is to be 

a falling Angel.

Soul-transmuting redemption, 

abysmal re-construction

Liberation comes in ideas. 

And ideas transform.

Independent veins, 

re-masterpieced wings

Enjoy the wine, don’t spill the night;

the air smells Alchemical tonight.

Abysmal Truths, 

spiritual perfume