Dear Siren, I keep falling deep down into my abyss through all the layers 

of my identity and character… Deep down into my very Core.

Deeper and deeper questions, 

untamed soundtrack

Fragment after fragment, create more courageously. 

Imagination is an extension of your Soul. 

Untamed combinations,  

re-designed genesis

Liberty is a brand, 

but liberation is a lifestyle. 

New concepts of existence

unexplained road to redemption

Some great new concepts are like a panorama: 

their elusive meaning can be captured only by seeing the whole.

Banned innovation, 

new concept of Nirvana

Discover your Soul 

through a new definition of a territory. 

Fallen Angel, 

new Theory of Everything

Sometimes to find your unique missing piece you can only by becoming 

an ever-expanding masterpiece.

Fragmented eternity, 

transcendent Infinity