Dear Siren, turn my Soul into a work of art, 

into an unseen form of blossom.

Not-yet-discovered conjunction

not-yet-emerged re-perfection

Sometimes you have to climb the high primordial mountains of your mind 

to see a panorama of exotic inner horizons.

Ever-insatiable library, 

ever-expanding dictionary

Fragment after fragment, 

expand the definition of your Soul.

Not-yet-perceived fragmentism, 

not-yet-empowered re-construction

Some symbols are meant to be meaningful just for you

not for others. 

Transmuted symbol

new version of redemption

Who are you? Become an artist of existence, 

learn to turn this question into an expedition.

New fragments of existence, 

re-questioning art scene

Walk barefoot on your dogma 

to revive your myth.

Primordial territory of your Soul, 

re-discovered ancient Labyrinth