Dear Siren, I need a jewel that reflects the starlight of my Soul

and its barcoded traffic-lights.

Consumer-friendly mirror, 

re-barcoded dreams

Fragment after fragment, re-emerge into your existence 

through unique concepts.

Silent artist, 

melting dogma

Spirituality is a path of primordial self-translation.  

Great creators become self-revelation.

Infinite self-transformation, 

Alchemical re-combination

The Dragon soars above magical worlds 

to turn their passion into a golden waterfall.

Transmuted myth,

new definition of a Temple

Infinity is unreachable, and yet, it keeps on seducing us  

to discover it, to explain it, to tame it. 

Abysmal wine, 

deep calling of the wild

Great creators expand the definition of a Soul 

through an ever-expanding meaning of a masterpiece.

Underground artist

banned elevator

Enjoy the wine, don’t spill the night, 

dive into this Moment to escape Time.

Chameleon winemaker, 

re-possessed night