Dear Siren, maybe a human is a byproduct of some Alchemical reaction 

in search of a divine form of the Alchemical Gold?

Unexpected work of art, 

unlike any other Truth

Great creators are unique interventions into reality.  

Great creators are unpredictable Black Swans.

Provoking transformation, 

unlike any other combination

Fragment after fragment, your Soul moves as a conjunction. 

To be a creator is to be a melting combination. 

Not-yet-understood possibility, 

not-yet-created work of art

Our thinking is an Alchemical combination of different fragments. 

To be a great creator is to be a great Alchemist.

Philosophical re-construction, 

Alchemical resurrection

Infinity loves ever-expanding concepts of you. 

Infinity loves more daring concepts of evolution.

Ever-insatiable library, 

ever-expanding dictionary

Some concepts have the power to connect 

the seemingly unconnectable.

Not-yet-designed Truth,  

not-yet-existing intervention into reality

Existence undergoes unique self-innovation 

through our courage for wild combinations.

Avant-garde artist, 

multi-truth tomorrow

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection. 

Re-emerging Chameleon, 

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

Infinity loves untamed combinations. 

Infinity loves different versions of Truth-design.

More liberating concepts of existence, 

more daring versions of tomorrow

Great creators are masterpiece-obsessed transformers 

of reality.

Ever-expanding exhibition, 

re-perfected versions of Nirvana

Discover an Alchemical version of yourself 

through the melting definition of Infinity. 

Hypnotic obsession, 

Alchemical re-perfection