Dear Siren, I keep falling deep down into my abyss 

in search of my own version of Paradise.

Independent territory,

abysmal re-connection

Fragment and fragment, Souls create in search of Paradise 

not while in Paradise.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard,

Alchemical version of blossom

Some ideas are an expedition. 

Some concepts take courage. 

New concepts of creation, 

barefoot on the edge of meaning

Universalization is a new type of eclipse. 

How much unconquered territory do you have in your Soul?

Escaping the barcoded empire, 

transforming the single-truth vampire

Art is a door to enter the world  

that's entirely your own.

Transmuted symbol

new version of the Alchemical Gold

Become an artist of new paradigms, 

push the boundaries of reality.

Canceled Truth, 

not-enough-perfected revolving door

To be a great Artist, turn the territory of your Soul 

into a transcending work of art. Unlike anything else.

New concepts of creation, 

more daring concepts of you

Save the whales 

and your own limited-edition Paradise.

Silent artist,

re-perfected version of tomorrow