Dear Siren, teach me to see my existence as a fragmented dimension.

I need to learn the art of existential re-perfection.

Transcendent worldview, 

fragmented painting

This fragment is a melting intersection, 

and yet, your re-emerging new conjunction.

New concepts of existence, 

re-designed version of tomorrow

Existence streams as your fragmented attention, 

your Soul moves as a conjunction.

Not-yet-existing combination,

not-yet-emerged new version of reality

Fragment after fragment, enchant this moment 

to re-masterpiece Time.

Existential re-perfection, 

tonight a completely different version

Infinity loves re-perfected versions of itself; 

ever-evolving, ever-transforming, ever-abysmal… 

Melting art scene, 

re-emerging prima materia

Great creators dare to connect something 

what seems impossible to connect.

Re-perfected Black Swan, 

unlike any other combination

Infinity is continuous 

through re-emergence.

Melting concept,

re-merging work of art

Great creators are unique interventions into reality.

Great creations re-vein existence.

New concept crystallization, 

Black Swan transformation

Don’t be an artist. 

Dare to be a great artist.

Abysmal wine,  


To be a creator is to exist 

as an ever-expanding concept of oneself.

Provoking genius, 

unlike any other intervention


Stretch your mind in ideas. Stretch your mind in knowledge. 

Stretch your mind to expand your Soul.

Transcendent elevator,

existential re-perfection

You won’t see the Moon of Billion Flamingos  

unless your mind has a concept of it.

Not-yet-perceived fragmentism,  

not-yet-discovered art scene

Fragment after fragment, humans expand not only a definition of a human, 

but a definition of a Soul.

Ever-insatiable library, 

ever-expanding dictionary

Infinity loves insatiable re-transformation. 

Infinity loves an unstoppable quest for new combinations.

Plutonian Labyrinth, 

black market of Truth-designers

A genius is not excellence  

but transcendence.

Banned exhibition, 

new-concept dogmas

Airplanes will never have the perfect final version 

since their destination is the very concept of Infinity.

More daring definitions of freedom, 

ever-expanding concept of you

All artists create but not all transcend. 

Great creators have courage to turn Hell into Paradise. Unlike anything else.

Melting dogma, 

existential re-perfection

Infinity loves Soul-transmuting redemption. 

Infinity loves abysmal re-construction.

Melting intersection, 

re-emerging connection

Re-masterpiece this night, 

re-deepen your wine.

Discontinued route, 

limited-edition Paradise

It takes a genius to blossom 

at the edge of Chaos.

Not-yet-understood concept, 

not-yet-visible falling Angel

Dare to get lost in the Plutonian Labyrinth, 

find a piece of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

Transcendent re-construction, 

unstoppable quest for re-perfection