Dear Siren, only at the beach I dive into this moment to escape time.

The beach with its foaming waves is my best existential champagne.

Transmuted symbol, 

re-emerging Temple

Fragment after fragment, 

discover new concepts of existential luxury.

Melting poetry, 

re-emerging new land

Some concepts enchant your blood 

by turning your veins into pathways of Infinity. 

Eternity-seducing explanation, 

Infinity-obsessed self-innovation

Walk barefoot on your dogma 

to smell your primeval beach within. 

Future-design eternity, 

pagan door

Re-truth your mirror

to re-discover your reflection.

Not-yet-perceived fragmentism, 

not-yet-understood versions of redemption

New concepts emerge to enrich my Universe  

as the Library attracts hypnotic ideas of Paradise. 

Hypnotic re-construction, 

Alchemical re-connection

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection. 

Ever-evolving meaning of the Orphic Egg, 

at the edge of the Theory of Everything