Dear Siren, your territory has something what I always wanted,

but never understood what…

Not-yet-asked question,

not-yet-perceived painting

Fragment after fragment, discover new wild concepts 

to turn turn Hell into an extraordinary Paradise.

Re-discovered ancient God, 

re-emerged territory

The biggest challenge of any Paradise is the continuous appreciation 

of its Paradisicality.

In between the falling wings, 

hypnotic re-invention

The Mask of Alchemist conceals the primordial face through its reflection, 

yet, reveals itself through the process of creation.

Not-yet-understood artist, 

not-yet-perceived concept of blossom

Who are you? 

The concept of Infinity has an Abyss within.

Dragon’s horizon, 

Sirenean masterpiece 

Dare to get lost in the Plutonian Labyrinth, 

question your existence deeper.

Transcendent re-construction, 

abysmal re-connection