Dear Siren, I keep falling deep down into my abyss

craving to reach the roots of my deeper and deeper obsession.

New hypnotic concepts of existence,

abysmal conjunction

Fragment and fragment, inspiration turns into the Alchemical Gold. 

Inspiration becomes a waterfall.

Truth-seeking artist, 

re-questioning rain

Truth is always under construction.  

It’s only you who has to find your own Truth.

New concepts of existence

ideology evacuation

Don’t let your Soul become an occupied land;

think independent, escape barcoded Truths.

Not-yet-occupied territory, 

not-yet-barcoded wings

Re-paradigm your worldview. 

Some truths have after-truth hangovers.

Truth-licking obsession, 

dogma-certified redemption

Great creators dare to turn their beliefs 

into wildflower fields.

Multi-truth direction

primordial address

It takes a genius to dive into the depths of different Truths,  

and get enlightened in contradiction.

Promise of liberty, 

bait of captivity

Discover the primordial territory of your Soul,  

and find yourself as a fallen Angel.

Melting intersection

re-emerging connection