Dear Siren, I close deeply my eyes to hear my abyss 

and the disturbing sounds of Truth-trafficking.

Not-yet-barcoded territory of your Soul, 

not-yet-banned abysmal re-connection

Fragment after fragment, learn to see universal Truth-designers 

and global Truth-suppliers.

Universal dream, 

global single-Truth empire

Save the whales

and the territory of your Soul.

Truth contraband, 

at the edge of what you believe

Great creators have courage to dive into the dark depths of different Truths

and get enlightened in contradiction.

Hardcore artist,

single-Truth outcast

Look deeper into the mirror and ask yourself: 

is your Soul an independent territory?

Not-yet-forbidden worldview

dangerous painting

Save the whales 

and the black market of redemption.

Not-yet-designed Truths, 

not-yet-existing versions of existential Haute Couture