Dear Siren, I need some diamond of time. Some sapphire of existence. 

Some ruby of obsession. Unlike anything else. 

Not-yet-barcoded territory of your Soul, 

not-yet-banned blossom

Fragment and fragment, create your existence as an art scene 

you crave to be in.

Hypnotic fragments of existence, 

re-enchanted story of yourself

Seduce this moment 

to escape time.

New inspiration, 

existential spice 

Infinity knows that humans crave to be seduced 

into existence.

Melting make-up, 

spiritual re-perfection

Every Paradise has a hypnotic Core. 

Every Paradise is a place of hypnotic concepts. 

Falling Angel, 

divine Haute Couture

You won’t see the Moon of Billion Flamingos  

unless your mind has a concept of it.

Abysmal wine,  


The Dragon soars above magical worlds 

to turn their passion into a golden waterfall.

Sirenean territory, 

obsession-veined land

Independence is luxury. 

Dragons live under their own light.

Banned genius, 

new version of Truth

Re-emerge into your existence 

through a more daring worldview.

This moment,  

one-of-a-kind sapphire