Dear Siren, turn my mirror into Infinity,  

I need to see my abysmal reflection.


Not-yet-perceived concept

not-yet-visible falling Angel

Fragment after fragment, travel to your very Edge 

to see the horizon of your very Core.

Transmuted symbol, 

new versions of genesis

Great creators have courage to translate their Chaos 

into something extraordinary.

New concepts of creation, 

not-yet-understood conjunctions

Individuality is an art 

to be one-of-a-kind. 

Underground artist, 

forbidden blossom

Artists are born to be re-born 

every night.

Spice-drenched direction

exotic address

Great creators dare to enter brave disturbing concepts 

to translate their Chaos.

Transmuted imagination,  

re-designed shoes

In new fragments of existence you find more about yourself.  

In new fragments you re-discover yourself.

Transcendent worldview

fragmented painting

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection. 

Ever-evolving understanding of the Alchemical Gold, 

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

Become ever-expanding creation, ever-enchanting combination,  

ever-abysmal transformation. 

Soul-transmuting eternity, 

abysmal version of myself 

People search for the great Truths… 

But every Truth is just the most hypnotic version of possibility.

Truth-seeking labyrinth,  

ever-changing forms of redemption

Expand your concepts  

to expand your world.

Abysmal re-construction, 

existential re-perfection