Dear Siren, dive deep down into the abysmal pupils of my eyes: 

dive deep down into my abyss to start the season of falling Angels… 

Ever-expanding Truth-design,

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

Fragment after fragment,

the upcoming Truth is under construction. 

Not-yet-resurrected poetry, 

not-yet-reached depth

Life is all about courage 

to translate your Soul.

Ever-expanding exhibition,  

ever-abysmal definition

At this moment somewhere new fragments emerge  

to tell you a new Theory of Everything…

New concepts of existence

re-emerging new Truth-empire

Great creators are unpredictable Black Swans:

they are unique, magnificent, and foreseen interventions into reality. 

Falling Angel, 

Alchemist of new paradigms

Re-vein your wings. 

Creation is transmutation of inspiration.


Melting combination, 

re-emerging transformation