Dear Siren, tonight I am re-born again 

to put my truths under re-construction.

Melting dogma, 

existential re-perfection

Fragment after fragment, question your existence deeper, 

every time deeper than before.

Canceled new Truth, 

not-enough-perfected Truth traffic lights

Great philosophy expands your mind to stretch your Soul.  

Great philosophy loves the storm.

 Incomprehensible exhibition, 

 not-yet-perceived Truth-design

Humans do have magic skills.  

Humans are existential transformers.


In between the falling wings, 

re-masterpieced art of exception

Asking deeper questions is a magnificent form of art. 

To be a creator is to have ever-questioning veins.

Not-yet-asked question

provocative art scene

Infinity loves ever-changing forms of redemption. 

Infinity loves re-perfected versions of Nirvana.

Not-yet-perceived art, 

not-yet-understood combination

Ask yourself brave questions, 

taste the water from springs of different Truths.

Multi-truth fairytale

primordial soundtrack

To drink wine with your own God 

you have to be quite a hell of a conversationalist.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard

re-veined myth

Liberation is an art, 

and a new type of obsession.

Re-horned individuality

territorial Haute Couture

Re-masterpiece this night, 

re-deepen your wine.

Melting Philosopher’s Stone, 

re-emerging Orphic Egg