Dear Siren, I need something so extraordinary 

that conceals all the ordinary.

Unexpected work of art, 

more daring exception

Fragment after fragment, you’ll need wild new concepts 

to turn Hell into an extraordinary Paradise.

Masterpiece-obsessed Gods, 

re-perfected versions of Paradise

Great creators master the art of combination with something bigger, 

every time bigger than before. 

Re-enchanted genius, 

re-veined Truth-design

Infinity loves re-invention. 

Infinity loves re-perfection.

Provoking ideas, 

unique interventions

Great creators inhale time 

and exhale new possibilities of eternity.

Hypnotic concepts of existence, 

unlike any other horizon

To be a genius is to extract the magnificent finite 

out of the Infinite.

Melting intersection, 

re-emerging connection

Re-truth your mirror, 

re-emerge into your existence through new unique concepts.

Existential re-perfection, 

tonight a completely different version

Enjoy the wine, don't spill the night.

Wine knows that having passion for life is an art itself.

Wild inspiration, 

elusive new destination