Dear Siren, re-masterpiece my worldview 

and let me experience unexplained truth-design. ... I is an art.

Untamable transformation, 

melting unique combinations

Fragment and fragment, 

Eternity loves new passionate hypnotic Truths.

Truth-seeking mirror

darker and darker versions of your mask

People search for the great Truths of the Universe, 

but every Truth is just the most hypnotic version of possibility.

Melting definition of Infinity,

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

At every moment, at every fragment

the upcoming Truth is under construction.

Not-yet-transmuted Truth

not-yet-emerged re-perfection

Great creators are Alchemists 

of new Truths.

New concepts of existence,  

canceled current Truth

A great creator is a seducer into existence. 

Great creations enchant.

Silent artist,

unauthorized different Truth

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection.

Multi-truth evolution, 

existential Haute Couture

Ask questions unasked before,  

explore the hypnotic nature of existence.

Hypnotic concepts of creation

obsession-veined directions

Sometimes beauty reveals.

Sometimes beauty conceals.

Abysmal wine, 

disturbing confession

Beauty is a unique predator: 

we crave to become its prey.

Hypnotic desire,

abysmal conjunction

Infinity loves hypnotic versions of reality: 

something that seduces us into existence.

No perfection,

only re-perfection

Once upon a time there lived some Truth 

that was overthrown by other Truths.

Not-yet-emerged concepts of existence, 

not-yet-seduced tomorrow

Once a particular theory is born, its contradiction is also born.  

The Theory of Everything is an unpredictable Black Swan.

New fragments of existence, 

re-emerging new theory

Infinity is an untamable equation.  

Infinity plays the game to its ever-expanding edge.

Silent Labyrinth, 

perfumed air