Dear Siren, tell me the secrets how to turn Hell

into an extraordinary Paradise. Unlike anything else.

Unforeseen innovation, 

more daring conjunction

Some Souls will sing a song once being 

a magnificent new meaning under construction.

You after Time,

maybe a limited-edition Paradise

Fragment after fragment, become a daring existential trailblazer. 

Great creators always change the Theory of Everything.

Depth-obsessed blood, 

ever-questioning veins

A great creator is a seducer into existence. 

Great creations re-vein existence.

Unlike any other creation, 

existential re-perfection

Great artists build enchanting fountains in Hell 

to make locals crave water but not some Paradise above. 

More daring concepts, 

unexpected art scene

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection.

Ever-evolving definition of redemption, 

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

To be an artist is to look deep down into the Abyss in Hell  

and hear a fluttering of billion flamingos.

Provoking Soul, 

unlike any other horizon

Infinity knows that humans crave to be seduced 

into existence.

Hypnotic concepts, 

insatiable veins

Art is like Hell that craves to burn itself like the Phoenix 

to be reborn as the passionate Elysium.

Melting theory, 

re-emerging prima materia

The Dragon veins keep the essence of Infinity 

where the God of Alchemy is reborn and wine transformed.

Re-enchanted Gods,

re-veined wings

When you create Paradise out of Hell,

it becomes quite a hell of a Paradise.

Re-perfected Black Swan, 

unlike any other blossom

Great creations re-vein existence. 

Great innovations are existential Haute Couture.

New concepts of existence, 

re-designed genesis

Fragment after fragment, become an Alchemist of meaning 

to turn Hell into an extraordinary Paradise.

Dragon’s territory, 

Sirenean masterpiece

Infinity loves different Truths  

not a single version.

Hypnotic concepts of existence, 

different versions of Paradise

Fragment after fragment, the upcoming Truth is under construction. 

To be a great creator is to be an Alchemist of new Truths.

Not-yet-designed Truth, 

not-yet-existing global Truth-supplier

Infinity loves ever-changing forms of redemption.

Infinity is an ever-expanding masterpiece.

No perfection,

only re-perfection

Transmute your definition of existence, 

put new meanings under construction.

More daring definitions of freedom, 

re-perfected versions of tomorrow