Dear Siren, what philosophy is the greatest one? 

The unstoppable one. 

Transcendent eternity, 

fragmented Infinity

Existence streams as your fragmented attention, 

our Souls move as a conjunction.

New fragments of existence,

re-perfected Theory of Everything

Philosophy is a quest for wisdom,

yet, an art scene.  

Multi-truth evolution, 

existential re-perfection

Fragment after fragment, discover new concepts 

to understand an ever-expanding theory of yourself.

Fallen Angel, 

new concepts of genesis

Knowledge depends on your understanding of the Other

and yet, it's your transcending mirror.

This fragment and you, 

elusive Alchemical conjunction

Great philosophy is always a trailblazer. 

A question is a way of life.

Ever-transforming philosophy

ever-combining laboratory

You are evolution. 

You are revolution.

Avant-garde Alchemist, 

multi-truth laboratory

There is something between the call of the Wild 

and the need to know what’s all this behind.

Merlin Margins, 

not-yet-connected fragments

Asking new questions is a magnificent form of art.  

Some questions let you enter the territory of new paradigms.

Not-yet-expanded definition of freedom

not-yet-liberated tomorrow

Great creators dare to connect something 

what seems impossible to connect.

Dark genius, 

even darker Chameleon

Courage is the Dragon’s dimension.

The greatest creators break free to break through.

Freedom-obsessed veins

surreal scream

Some questions are extraordinary fragments of existence. 

Some questions turn you into an unstoppable force.

Truth-claiming territory, 

re-questioning art scene

Great philosophy is always in transition, 

in new fragments of cognition.

Not-yet-perceived fragmentism, 

not-yet-empowered re-construction

Re-emerge into your existence through unique concepts, 

discover your Soul as a work of art.

Existential re-perfection,

Alchemical blood type