Dear Siren, bite me with your rubedo fangs, 

I need my darkness to transmute my Soul.

Provoking re-construction,

not-yet-discovered re-connection


Fragment after fragment,  

re-masterpiece your worldview.

Discontinued Zodiac, 

limited-edition future

Great creators have courage to turn Hell into Paradise. 

Yet, the theory of Paradise is always in transition.

Melting evolution, 

re-emerging prima materia

The Dragon veins keep the essence of Infinity 

where the God of Alchemy is reborn and wine transformed.

Inexpressible concept

elusive Orphic Egg

Infinity loves insatiable re-transformation. 

Infinity loves an unstoppable quest for new combinations.

Ever-expanding obsession, 

ever-abysmal redemption

Re-masterpiece your worldview 

to re-construct your tomorrow.

Primordial territory of your Soul, 

unauthorized blossom