Dear Siren, I need an exotic land 

not a global, universal neverland.

Re-horned individuality,

daring art of distinction

Fragment and fragment, 

step on yet undiscovered lands of Self.

Truth-claiming territory, 

re-questioning Soul

Discover the primordial territory of your Soul, 

and find yourself as a fallen Angel.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard, 

dark depths of contradictions

Who are you? 

Create to turn this question into your new genesis.

Falling Angel, 

ever-abysmal direction

Great creators dare to blossom 

as theirs own theories of the Universe. Unlike anyone else.

Silent artist, 

abysmal calling of the wild

Dare to get lost in the Plutonian Labyrinth, 

discover new concepts to re-discover yourself.

More liberated territory, 

more daring Gods