Dear Siren, re-paradigm my dogma, 

re-vampire my blood.

Not-yet-designed Truth,  

not-yet-existing intervention into reality

Fragment after fragment, become an artist 

and a work of art.

Primordial territory of your Soul

not-yet-reclaimed flag

How much independent territory 

do you have in your Soul?

Global dogma, 

barcoded Nirvana

Save the whales 

and independent dreamers.

Ever-insatiable global empire, 

unstoppable Truth-laundering

Great creators dare to connect something 

that seems impossible to connect.

New concepts of creation, 

different versions of genesis

A genius is an unpredictable Black Swan. 

Infinity blossoms through our Souls.

Ever-expanding exhibition, 

more daring concepts of evolution

Re-punk your enlightenment. 

A great creator is a unique intervention into reality.

Deviant direction, 

not-yet-discovered address