Dear Siren, dive deep down into my veins, 

touch something I was looking for, but not yet able to understand what. 

Not-yet-asked questions

not-yet-visible constellation

Do you have what it takes 

to see the falling Angels in yourself?

Melting dogma, 

re-emerging new Truths

Fragment after fragment, ask questions unasked before,  

dare to enter unknown paradigms.

Not-yet-emerged concepts

not-yet-existing Universe

Art is a door to step barefoot 

on the not-yet-discovered territory of your Soul.

Turquoise rain

red fragments of poetry

We are all unique 

but not all in blossom.

Silent artist, 

incomprehensible self-translation

You won't see a falling Angel 

unless your mind has a concept of it.

New concepts of existence,  

new versions of the art scene

Re-masterpiece your worldview 

through more daring concepts of yourself.

Depth-obsessed art, 

abysmal thinking